Bring Cutting-Edge Research to Your Practice

About 97% of physicians do not participate in clinical research. Getting started is complicated, costly and time-consuming, and keeping it going can be nearly impossible. Our CARE team can remove those barriers at no cost to you and make research accessible to you and your patients.

  • No investment required

  • Complete administrative support

  • Seamless workflow integration

Physician Benefits


We Guide You Start to Finish

* We bring you relevant study opportunities.

* We provide full administrative support so you can focus on patient care.

* We provide an internal monitoring system and the latest technology products that make our investigators highly desirable to pharmaceutical companies.

* We provide patient recruitment services to market your site.


We Launch Your Research Program

* We purchase and install all the necessary equipment at your site.

* We offer a top-notch training program enabling you to succeed as an investigator.

* We provide on-site clinical research coordinators and site managers.

* We develop processes that integrate with your practice workflow.

* We make sure your practice is ready so you can conduct clinical research in your office.


Your Practice Reaps the Benefits

* You can offer another care option to patients who may not be seeing results with current therapies.

* You gain a competitive edge by offering research as care.

* You add a new revenue stream to your practice.

* You contribute to the advancement of medical science in your discipline.

Our team can provide you with the training, resources and support that you need to confidently run clinical trials.

Care for Patients, Access for Sponsors, Research for Physicians