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Clinical research helps to determine if a new medication or treatment is safe and effective, while ensuring patient safety and protection, following strict scientific standards, producing reliable study results, and adhering to ethnical and regulatory policies



Opportunities Across Multiple Disciplines

We are active in a variety of therapeutic areas, including:


Benefits May iNclude

  • Access to care options and medical professionals working at the leading edge to advance therapies for your medical condition  

  • The opportunity to learn more about your medical condition

  • Free study-related healthcare benefits, which often include medications, laboratory services, medical procedures and care

  • Help in the development of new medicines that improve the health of people around you

Informed Consent

The first step of participating in clinical research is to read and understand the informed consent form.  This is a document written and approved to describe the purpose of a study, its risks and benefits, and a summary of all procedures and events involved.